findingitagain-webpageoneBSex and the City® was brilliant for what it was—a thoughtful, bawdy, entertaining exploration of grown-up love and romance, told from a female point of view. But no one has chronicled the topic from a man’s perspective.

Until now.

Divorced at 41 after 17 years of marriage, Kenn Shapiro spent a decade inside the often slippery, frequently funny, but ever mysterious world of post-40 single life. From the nerve-wracking tedium of countless first dates, through relationships big and small, he’s endured the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens of a man older than 40 searching for love and romance. He’s experienced pain and ecstasy, love and loss; he’s learned some old rules and invented some new ones; he’s picked up all manner of practical know-how, yet still blundered his way into disasters both predictable and unpredictable. Through it all, though, he’s journeyed on toward an ending that perhaps reveals the very secret of love itself. And with the dedication of a diarist, he’s kept track of it all. The result—Finding It Again: The Truth About Love After 40—is Kenn Shapiro’s first-person account of a single middle-aged man trying to navigate the landscape of love in a complicated world.

With a narrative both revealing and playful—and with a smattering of tips, advice and strategies—Finding It Again is the side of the post-40, looking-for-love story that men have been wanting to tell, and that women have been needing to hear.

It’s what Carrie Bradshaw might have written, if she were middle-aged—and had balls.

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