findingitagain.miniweblogoA native New Yorker but longtime Floridian, Kenn Shapiro is a father, a lawyer, a writer, an activist, and a contributor to humanitarian causes. He’s also a single man who, since his divorce in 1998, has found some time to date.

He’s dated younger women and older women. He’s dated fix-ups from friends, and fix-ups from strangers. He’s dated divorced women and never-married women, women with children and women without. He’s spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars subscribing to online dating services, all in an effort to find that elusive but treasured prize: Love.

Through it all, he’s learned a thing or two.

He’s learned a thing or two about dating. He’s learned a thing or two about women. He’s learned a thing or two about relationships, and he’s learned a thing or two about himself.

He’s also learned a thing or two about love.

There’s more to his resume, of course. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Florida State University and an honors graduate of FSU’s law school, Kenn Shapiro’s been a college newspaper editor, a coffee house performer, and even, for one night, a stand-up comedian. His legal career has seen him trying cases in state and federal courts, and handling corporate transactions across the North American continent. Through his professional, civic, and charitable endeavors, he’s hobnobbed with politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and foreign dignitaries. He’s moderated panels on race relations in America, electoral politics, and extremism. He’s chaired leadership and community service conferences in Florida, Georgia, New York, and Washington, D.C. He’s even been in the chocolate business.

He’s a person of substance, humor and heart, whose background and experience could have qualified him to write on an array of subjects, but none would have been as important as the topic that trumps all others, the one that fuels our passions and our sorrows, our hopes and our doubts. What’s it like to be a middle-aged man trying to find love again? Through the pages of Finding It Again, Kenn Shapiro reveals the answer—and perhaps the very secret of love itself.

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